reading the tl like "the fuck is this person, why am i following them" -- but it was federated tl, and i'm not, so phew. good morning was just renewed. does this mean there's a bofa 2 in our future?

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how did the astronaut grow big tiddies in space? 

drug adjacent, mummy dust 

all of these "Random Articles" on wikipedia are garbage, just get rid of them

bad, nsfl poetry 

autumn-like weather detected. can i wear a scarf yet

if i was antifa and the president banned antifa, i would simply rename myself

in search of the absolute lukewarm take -- a take which could not possibly be any more lukewarm. finding it could change our understanding of thermodynamics


food shitpost 

Remembering the time Diet Pepsi™ Official said TOOT TOOT MOTHERFUCKERS BURN THAT SHITBIRD TO THE GROUND... Good times. That guy was hilarious.

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